Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Leadership in the garden: Garden Club #2

On the 3rd of March some of the year 8 students went into the sweet corn maze and pulled the corn out because it was ready and it would improve our collaboration skills. The first thing I did was pull out all the corn so it could be used. To do this we grabbed the corn and tore it out of the ground. the we peeled/ ripped the corn/ leaves off and put the corn into one bucket and the rest in the wheelbarrow to be taken to the trailer.

The next job I did was taking the wheelbarrow to the trailer and putting the weeds into the trailer. To make time pass while doing it we made one wheelbarrow Donald Trump and the other one was Hillary Clinton. The people weeding had to put the weeds into their choice of who should win the election. In the end Donald Trump won and I moved onto my next job.

My next job which was my final job was to stand on top of the trailer and squash it down so there could be more room. It was fun but slightly scary at the same time because it was uneven and every step was at a different level. Some steps would make your feet sink right in and others your foot wouldn't move.

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