Friday, 7 November 2014

50th Jubilee Writing

In 2014 Oaklands School had its 50th year jubilee. Now I will tell you about the Uniforms over the years.

When the school first started  in 1964 the girls wore green gym frocks, a white t-shirt and sometimes a red tie.The boys wore green pants, a white t-shirt and a red tie.

In 1974 Oaklands School stopped wearing uniform and started to wear mufti to school. This was good because in summer the children could wear t-shirts and in winter they could wear thermals ect.

In 1983 they decided to change it back to gym frocks with a white t-shirt for girls. For boys it was a white t-shirt, green pants and a red tie.

In 1996 they changed the uniform. The uniform had a range of outfits. Green,red,grey tops and jerseys and green,red shorts and pants. There was so many combinations to choose from it would have been quite hard to pick.

IN 2014 we have red t-shirts, green jerseys and sweatshirts, green pants, shorts and culottes for year 0-6. For the year 7-8 students they have a special green and red t-shirt with a jacket.

Overall Oaklands School has had some interesting uniforms. Oaklands school has grown quite a lot in 50 years.

Manu Taratahi

On Thursday 6th November the Tawa reading group made some kites. Here is the step by step diagram guide to show you how to make one.

our WALT was to follow an example of procedural writing.

This is the equipment you need to make a kite.

The first step was to cut out paper to make an 11 inch by 8.5 inch piece of paper
(some examples of the steps to make the 11 inch by 8.5 inch piece of paper)
In this step you folded the paper in half vertically.
(the finished fold)
In these next steps you mark 1 inch from the top left corner and the bottom right corner and fold one half across.

(folding one half across)

In this step you fold the other half over so it looks like this
now you have the base of the plane on top,
and on the bottom.
In this step you tape the folds on top together.
(the finished version.)
now punch a hole at the bottom a third of the way down the paper on the shorter side.
the hole to put the string into.
feed the string through the hole and tie it up tight so it looks like this.

A video of the backflipping kite.(The real name is uncle jonathan but it backflips)

Friday, 24 October 2014

100WC Week 8

I was sprinting through the forest on a fine summer's day when suddenly...An image appeared to my right. little did I know it has just my hallucination of a shadowy tree. I froze on the spot,I trembled for what seemed like hours. Soon after I ran for cover but the image appeared in front of me.It was wearing a golden metalic cloak. As I was sprinting, I smacked into a tree.I was unconscious. Seven hours later I woke up from my coma. I gazed over to where the image was standing, only to find it was a strange looking bronze tree.

Friday, 17 October 2014

100 Word Challenge

...I Could Not Believe The Smell...

My lungs are smouldering, my nose is swelling up,it's impossible to breathe. The horrendous stench is melting my insides. I could not believe the smell. It smells like a thousand ogres that haven't bathed in 999,999,999 years. I'm watching everybody around me slowly faint. The grass is turning brown faster than the speed of light. Leaves are plummeting off the trees,straight to the ground instead of drifting. I ventured closer to the stench. The stench became even more repulsive. It appeared to be coming from the public toilets, so that's where I headed. I carefully unlocked the door. Only to find the culprit was........

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Part 1

Have you ever had a time when you wished secrets weren't secrets? I have and I almost died because of it.

It was extremely foggy, not only was I invisible in that fog but I am also extremely short making it even harder to see anything. But one thing I could tell was that my brand new schooner was acting strange. I looked over my shoulder and there I saw him...Just standing there....With a lantern... Swinging it.... Every three swings my schooner went psyco I thought this must be the answer.

"H-h-h-h-h-h-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-o-o-o," I'm trembling as I speak."M-my name's Tommy THAT LANTERN It's magic, it makes my."
"SHHHHHHHHHH, .don't say anything,it could end the world if used in the wrong hands."
"Yes,yes it could."
"May I ask,what's your name?"
"Tory,Captain Tory!"
"Can I see how that lantern works?"

He swung his lantern three times,and slowly the schooner appeared,he did it again but this time it disappeared.He did it again but.............THE LANTERN RAN OUT OF JUICE!!! "Uh Tommy."
"I know, how do we fix it?"
" humph, come with me."

"We're in my boy,don't touch anything."
"Never mind that because here is the juice for the lantern,we'll we're  all loaded ready to go?"
"Hurry up!"
"What how'd you get there?"
"Because I'm quick!"
"Where'd the lantern go?"
"That guy has it!"

Part 2

The two heroes chased and weaves until finally they caught up with the person that they were after. They cornered him and ran at him.Then tommy snatched the lantern and swung it three times.He peered  over the hill and there he saw....

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Today the year6 students got to go to technology because year 7-8 had the koru games here are some of the things I made

Friday, 5 September 2014


IALT: write a diamante poem


             nightmarish, shuddersome
        goblins, witches,       Prince,queen
             dancing, bowing, ordering 
                    elegant, appealing


                   Fascinating, Difficult 
               Shooting, passing, Dribbling
               Scoring, tackling,winning

Monday, 28 July 2014

Acrostic Poem


Effort in learning 
Experiencing  challenges (for X I'm allowed to put an E in front)

Continue to do my best

Extended abstract in SOLO

Learning new things 

Listening so I know what to do 

Examining before doing

Never give up

Co-operating so everyone does their best

Engaging into learning

Friday, 20 June 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Art goals

What:To learn about and use perspective in my art 

So What: To do a Don Binny inspired art work of a bird.

Now What:To show where the sun is buy doing dark and light lines.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Reading goals

What: Find select and retrieve information

So What: To  read the robot challenge and complete a step by step guide on how the characters built their robot.

Now What: Identify topic sentences and look at what detail is included to support these.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Math Goals.

What:Long Division of decimals.

So What:Complete a task from National Curriculum Maths book to show my understanding of the goal(What).

Now What:My next goal is to form and interpret a graph.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Halswell Quarry

The Halswell Quarry was created 6 million years ago when Lyttleton volcano erupted and opened for public use in 1856.


In 1863 a tramway was built to carry the stone to town and deliver timber to the quarry.When the tramway closed down stone transport went to horse and dray for a few years.


If you wanted a cubic metre of stone you would have to pay 26 shillings. After a while the cost was lowered to 16 shillings        per cubic metre.When truck started to be used the transport was more efficient  but the price skyrocketed .

Worker Tools

For every 29 people operating at a time they all used different tools. Some people would twist a drill in the roc to find good stone. Another person would use a 10 pound sledgehammer. But they all had one goal ......finding stone.

Halswell Quarry Today

Halswell Quarry today has statues of important people. It also has become a dog park and recreational area, and has a fascinating walkway. 

The Halswell Quarry closed in 1990. A great life span of 134 years for the Halswell Quarry from when it opened in 1856 to when it closed in 1990.
I think the Halswell  Quarry  is a very interesting part of Canterbury's history.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Math goals

My goal was to understand the meaning of square roots.

I achieved this by doing all square roots up to a hundred and cubes to 20.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Reading Goals

What:to make a conclusion or assumption.

So what:I had to use a library book or chicken to show evidence that I can do my goal.

I had to write from the chicken  book what Allison and Mike are like as people and what the main idea of the story is.

1.I think Allison is brave because she went into a dark passage in a gunhouse  from the war. I also think she gets scared easily because she got scared of paint on the wall.

2.I think Mike is mischievous because he tricked Allison into going into the gunhouse .I also think he was the one that bolted the door so Allison couldn't get out.

3. The main idea of the story is that Mike and Luke take Allison to a gunhouse from the war.Then Allison gets lost  so she enters the gunhouse to try to find them.Allison goes deep into the gunhouse , gets scared then decides to head back to  the exit.The exit was bolted shut so she called for help. Eventually Mike and Luke went to help.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Camp Photos

 This is the groups getting used to spotting,I fell over a few times because I was a lot bigger than everybody in my group.

This is one of the many challenging activities at low ropes, in this activity there was about eight swings that were very wobbly and you had to get across from one side of the swings to the other.It was difficult to get from one side to the other so I fell of about 10 times.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Creative Writing

The theme was the year 3000 and Earth is to dirty to live on and you're about to land on an unknown planet.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! The space shuttle has crash landed because of an explosion. You escape so you run trying to avoid the burning flames.Everyone you have ever known is dead.You wonder did the explosion wipe out the humans.The planet is about to explode so you you grab the nearest space shuttle and fly away just  in time Kaboooom!!!! .0.001 seconds to be exact.You being only 10 have a tough time flying the shuttle but none the less you find a planet so you land on it.You look around for people,you find someone so you ask.What planet is this. And he said Earth.EARTH you say. YES Earth he replies.You realise that you are living on the dirtiest planet of all.Earth is now where you live and you will live there for the rest of your short but long life.

            BY RYAN

Camp Poem

WALT write a chain poem about our camp experiences.

                                             Living Springs CAMP, taking risks.
                                                         LOW ROPES the most challenging of all.
                                         Walking on WIRES some big some small.
                                 Hoping your friends are STRONG enough to help you if you fall.
                                          Using your POWER to keep you up tall.
                                          Get a good GRIP or you will flip.
                                               Your BALANCE is key if you want to succeed.
                                                  The SPOTTER will keep you upright if you lean.
                                              Spot your FRIENDS well,they won't want to bleed.
                                                Slowly PUSH your friends up, it's a good deed.

                                                BY RYAN.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Choose Your Culture,Treat It Four Ways

I was learning about the elements and techniques of painting.

My goal was to share my  cultural identities through the arts.

I selected New Zealand as my culture that I was going to paint.
I researched the icons of New Zealand.I chose to paint pounamu/greenstone 
because it represents the Maori culture.

I then learnt about Andy Warhol and his style of art.In his art he chose popular
icons and painted it different ways.He once said. "The rules of art are made
to be broken.His artwork was different because he used bright colours.

I was taught about colour types like.

Primary- Red,yellow and blue.

Secondary- Orange,green and purple.

Complimentary- Green and red, orange and blue, yellow and purple.

monochromatic- different colour shades.

Analogous- colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

I drew my final design onto an A4 piece of paper and traced it onto a piece of A2
paper four times in a quadrant formation.

Then I chose the colours I was going to use.I chose.

Quadrant one-Complementary-Red and green.

Quadrant two-Monochromatic-Three yellow shades.

Quadrant three-Black and White I did it with a red backround.

Quadrant four- Analogous- light,normal blue and purple.

to finish it off I added some black  in vivid to outline my painting and
I used black paint to separate my quadrants.

I feel like i achieved relational on my rubrik because I feel my lines and tones were done to a high standard.