Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Choose Your Culture,Treat It Four Ways

I was learning about the elements and techniques of painting.

My goal was to share my  cultural identities through the arts.

I selected New Zealand as my culture that I was going to paint.
I researched the icons of New Zealand.I chose to paint pounamu/greenstone 
because it represents the Maori culture.

I then learnt about Andy Warhol and his style of art.In his art he chose popular
icons and painted it different ways.He once said. "The rules of art are made
to be broken.His artwork was different because he used bright colours.

I was taught about colour types like.

Primary- Red,yellow and blue.

Secondary- Orange,green and purple.

Complimentary- Green and red, orange and blue, yellow and purple.

monochromatic- different colour shades.

Analogous- colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

I drew my final design onto an A4 piece of paper and traced it onto a piece of A2
paper four times in a quadrant formation.

Then I chose the colours I was going to use.I chose.

Quadrant one-Complementary-Red and green.

Quadrant two-Monochromatic-Three yellow shades.

Quadrant three-Black and White I did it with a red backround.

Quadrant four- Analogous- light,normal blue and purple.

to finish it off I added some black  in vivid to outline my painting and
I used black paint to separate my quadrants.

I feel like i achieved relational on my rubrik because I feel my lines and tones were done to a high standard.

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