Friday, 28 August 2015


IALT: solve equations up to the power of 5.
The past two weeks in maths the group I'm in learned about powers and the easiest way to solve them. The easiest way is to change the equation into expanded form ( 3x3x3x3x3)and multiply it from there. The answer to that problem is 243. We did some questions from NCM L5 B1. This is a book that with all the strategies an equations you can think of. My working out looked like this.
My next step is to solve equations up to the power of 10.

Te reo

This week in Te reo we have been learning about health. We have been learning two different phrases, one is He aha te mate? then you would reply how you were feeling. e.g. Kua maru taku kanohi. This means I have a bruised face. Then the person that asked the original question would say aroha ana. Which is showing sorrow for the person with the bruised face. The other phrase we learnt was Ha hakinakina pai ki ahau he (insert sport here). This is saying what sport you like.
My next step is to speak fluently without my book in front of me.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Science week 5

WAL about the rate of reactions and the products of reactions.
This week in science with Mrs Stead we looked at certain chemicals and how they reacted. The first test we did we had two cups, Detergent, Baking Soda and vinegar. First we put one teaspoon of baking soda into each cup. Then we put detergent in one cup and left the other. Afterwards we took two tablespoons of vinegar and put in one cup and died the same for the other. The results were mixed, the one with detergent had small bubbles, grew slower and popped slower. Then we did an experiment with balloons. First we filled the balloon with one teaspoon of citric acid and another teaspoon of baking soda. Then we attached it to a bottle fill with water. Finally we tipped the balloon upright. The water and the powders made carbon dioxide which made the balloon fill with air like a regular balloon would. The final experiment we did was the jumping raisin experiment. First we put in some water. Afterwards we put in the raisins. Finally we put some vinegar in the cup. The raisins jumped up and down due to the carbon dioxide connecting to the bubbles (lifting it up) when the bubbles popped the raisins went down.

Writing Manchester City is overrated

WALT: Write a persuasive argument.

Have you ever heard Manchester City fans sing this chant, sing along if you know it, Ya Ya Ya Ya, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya,ya ya ya ya, Toure, STOP, now doesn't it get annoying after 90 minutes once a week. I wish I could never hear that lousy excuse for a chant at all. Another annoying thing Manchester City fans will do is tell you they are the best club in the world, better than Barcelona, better than Real Madrid, but, DON'T LISTEN, it's all lies, every word. Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm here to tell why Manchester City is an overrated football club. And why they are the most talked up team in the world that can never deliver.


My first reason Manchester City is an overrated football club is that they have an older range of staff, Manuel Pellegrini is 63 and will have to retire shortly.This is bad because when the new manager comes they will have a different gameplan. Other EPL clubs have young managers that If they do well could stay at their respective clubs for 25+ years e.g. Eddie Howe - 37 and Brendan Rogers - 42. Another reason  why is compare them to other other clubs and think how many star players they have? The answer is not enough compared to other clubs. Just an example is Manchester United has Wayne Rooney, Sebastian Swienstieger and Juan Mata, now who does Manchester City have, anyone, nope just a bunch of absolute nobody's.

My second reason Manchester City is an overrated football club is because it costs a similar amount to a Manchester United game. At Old Trafford the football is much better than Etihad. Also the players at Old Trafford are among the best in the world Wayne Rooney over Sergio Aguero, Juan Mata over Fernando, Sebastian Swienstieger over Yaya Toure.


My third reason Manchester City is an overrated football club is that they have such a bad reputation that nobody will go there but Raheem Sterling who's way overpriced. Any decent player would go to Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, maybe even the Hyundai A League but just not Manchester City. If they want to become a better football club they need better transfers!

Those are my reasons why Manchester City is an overrated football club. In my eyes and I'm sure many people agree that recently they haven't done anything major compared to other clubs. If they want to stay as a top team in the EPL they need better transfers. Do you think they can because I don't.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A New Learning Goal for Term 3

Recently I have completed my old learning goal on getting promotion up to mobile learner licence so I am going to make a new goal. The new goal I have decided on is to complete every week of SDL. SDL is a weekly plan sheet that we need to complete each week to do discovery. A SDL sheet has about 10 activities that always include blogging, maths, reading writing and other things have something to do with organising the classroom like tidying green boxes and sorting out Google docs folders.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Learning goal

My learning goal for term three is to get promoted into mobile learner licence so I can work anywhere in the school with teachers permission and a time to Check back in.


This week in science our class did a fair test on what  ombination of sugar dissolves fastest. We first found out that the sugar was soluble then each group got a combination of a way to dissolve the salt to try afterwards we did a variable to the first  test e.g. a half full cup of cold water instead of hot water. The times varied at the rate the sugar dissolves so multiple groups did the same variable. That's what we did in science.

Reading, Writing and Maths


In reading this week my group finished the two week rotation on comparing two different stories.  The stories we compared were both plays called who's the best and ancient history.

We new we could complete this when we could.

Use knowledge from the texts to back up our facts.
And by comparing and contrasting the two texts.


In writing this week we were finishing off our drafts for our arguments that we will be sharing shortly my argument is about Manchester City being an overated football  club.

We new we could do this when we could.

Write an argument to persuade someone's point of view.


In maths this week we found out our new goal my goal is to Identify irrational numbers.