Thursday, 24 September 2015

Things I did well

This term each person in the class has been choosing goals to work on and what we are doing well. I think I have been...
Making a good choice of people to sit next to which has helped me complete my learning.
Being at the right place at the right time which has given everybody more learning time.
Not distracting others when I finish, this has helped others complete their learning.
This term I think I have could work on
Not laughing on the mat because it distracts myself and others.
By focusing more during positive puberty instead of fiddling with my shoes.
By not talking when transitioning from one place to another.

Leadership on the bus

This week on the way back to school on the bus I sat beside Finn for the trip. During the trip other people were trying to talk to me so I told them to speak to the person next to them. I was only talking to Finn During the bus trip because he was the person next to me.
My next step is to sit beside someone i wont talk to as much because the bus driver had to pull over due to noise.


Our groups goal in discovery is to find out which is better, Nike or Adidas?The people in our group is Joe, Dalvyn, Jonathan, Jake and myself, Ryan.                                                                                                     Our first step was to create a solo matrix on our goals for the research.
The next step was to find out and research some certain categories to find out which is better Nike or Adidas? Our next step is to complete the presentation sheet so we know how to present it.

Reading Week 5/6

WALT analyse similarities and/or differences in text, written communication and dialogue.  
Last week in reading the reading group I was in read two stories called The Bullet and Bok Choy. Afterwards we did an authors purpose sheet on Bok Choy. Shortly after we did the summary sheet, I chose the tic tac toe note taking sheet. Shortly after we went to see Mr. Muller who gave us a compare and contrast sheet to complete on the two stories. Finally we did all the Must Dos (cloze, Reading Comprehension and paragraph comprehension). My next step is to infer more on the inference activity to find out more information.