Thursday, 22 October 2015

Integrated Learning World Wars

WALT I can explain the consequences of being involved in WW1 (especially on NZ).
This week in integrated learning the year 7-8s are preparing for Wellington(I go next year) by learning about history and important parts of Wellington. The group I am in learned about World Wars and how they affected NZ. The first was Identifying who started WW1 and the timeframe of when major countries got involved. Then we looked at what the start of WW2 had to do with the end of WW1. Afterwards we looked at a short overview of both wars and the death counts. My next session is on the court of law.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Maths Booklet Week One

WALT- Identify objects with rotational symmetry
The first three weeks this term the whole class is doing a booklet with certain goals that the majority of the class got wrong on a recent Asttle test we did. The first activity we did was rotational symmetry. This shows I can identify rotational symmetry in regular and irregular polygons. My next step is to identify the rotational symmetry on combinations of polygons.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Things I did well

This term each person in the class has been choosing goals to work on and what we are doing well. I think I have been...
Making a good choice of people to sit next to which has helped me complete my learning.
Being at the right place at the right time which has given everybody more learning time.
Not distracting others when I finish, this has helped others complete their learning.
This term I think I have could work on
Not laughing on the mat because it distracts myself and others.
By focusing more during positive puberty instead of fiddling with my shoes.
By not talking when transitioning from one place to another.

Leadership on the bus

This week on the way back to school on the bus I sat beside Finn for the trip. During the trip other people were trying to talk to me so I told them to speak to the person next to them. I was only talking to Finn During the bus trip because he was the person next to me.
My next step is to sit beside someone i wont talk to as much because the bus driver had to pull over due to noise.


Our groups goal in discovery is to find out which is better, Nike or Adidas?The people in our group is Joe, Dalvyn, Jonathan, Jake and myself, Ryan.                                                                                                     Our first step was to create a solo matrix on our goals for the research.
The next step was to find out and research some certain categories to find out which is better Nike or Adidas? Our next step is to complete the presentation sheet so we know how to present it.

Reading Week 5/6

WALT analyse similarities and/or differences in text, written communication and dialogue.  
Last week in reading the reading group I was in read two stories called The Bullet and Bok Choy. Afterwards we did an authors purpose sheet on Bok Choy. Shortly after we did the summary sheet, I chose the tic tac toe note taking sheet. Shortly after we went to see Mr. Muller who gave us a compare and contrast sheet to complete on the two stories. Finally we did all the Must Dos (cloze, Reading Comprehension and paragraph comprehension). My next step is to infer more on the inference activity to find out more information.

Friday, 28 August 2015


IALT: solve equations up to the power of 5.
The past two weeks in maths the group I'm in learned about powers and the easiest way to solve them. The easiest way is to change the equation into expanded form ( 3x3x3x3x3)and multiply it from there. The answer to that problem is 243. We did some questions from NCM L5 B1. This is a book that with all the strategies an equations you can think of. My working out looked like this.
My next step is to solve equations up to the power of 10.

Te reo

This week in Te reo we have been learning about health. We have been learning two different phrases, one is He aha te mate? then you would reply how you were feeling. e.g. Kua maru taku kanohi. This means I have a bruised face. Then the person that asked the original question would say aroha ana. Which is showing sorrow for the person with the bruised face. The other phrase we learnt was Ha hakinakina pai ki ahau he (insert sport here). This is saying what sport you like.
My next step is to speak fluently without my book in front of me.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Science week 5

WAL about the rate of reactions and the products of reactions.
This week in science with Mrs Stead we looked at certain chemicals and how they reacted. The first test we did we had two cups, Detergent, Baking Soda and vinegar. First we put one teaspoon of baking soda into each cup. Then we put detergent in one cup and left the other. Afterwards we took two tablespoons of vinegar and put in one cup and died the same for the other. The results were mixed, the one with detergent had small bubbles, grew slower and popped slower. Then we did an experiment with balloons. First we filled the balloon with one teaspoon of citric acid and another teaspoon of baking soda. Then we attached it to a bottle fill with water. Finally we tipped the balloon upright. The water and the powders made carbon dioxide which made the balloon fill with air like a regular balloon would. The final experiment we did was the jumping raisin experiment. First we put in some water. Afterwards we put in the raisins. Finally we put some vinegar in the cup. The raisins jumped up and down due to the carbon dioxide connecting to the bubbles (lifting it up) when the bubbles popped the raisins went down.

Writing Manchester City is overrated

WALT: Write a persuasive argument.

Have you ever heard Manchester City fans sing this chant, sing along if you know it, Ya Ya Ya Ya, ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya,ya ya ya ya, Toure, STOP, now doesn't it get annoying after 90 minutes once a week. I wish I could never hear that lousy excuse for a chant at all. Another annoying thing Manchester City fans will do is tell you they are the best club in the world, better than Barcelona, better than Real Madrid, but, DON'T LISTEN, it's all lies, every word. Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm here to tell why Manchester City is an overrated football club. And why they are the most talked up team in the world that can never deliver.


My first reason Manchester City is an overrated football club is that they have an older range of staff, Manuel Pellegrini is 63 and will have to retire shortly.This is bad because when the new manager comes they will have a different gameplan. Other EPL clubs have young managers that If they do well could stay at their respective clubs for 25+ years e.g. Eddie Howe - 37 and Brendan Rogers - 42. Another reason  why is compare them to other other clubs and think how many star players they have? The answer is not enough compared to other clubs. Just an example is Manchester United has Wayne Rooney, Sebastian Swienstieger and Juan Mata, now who does Manchester City have, anyone, nope just a bunch of absolute nobody's.

My second reason Manchester City is an overrated football club is because it costs a similar amount to a Manchester United game. At Old Trafford the football is much better than Etihad. Also the players at Old Trafford are among the best in the world Wayne Rooney over Sergio Aguero, Juan Mata over Fernando, Sebastian Swienstieger over Yaya Toure.


My third reason Manchester City is an overrated football club is that they have such a bad reputation that nobody will go there but Raheem Sterling who's way overpriced. Any decent player would go to Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, maybe even the Hyundai A League but just not Manchester City. If they want to become a better football club they need better transfers!

Those are my reasons why Manchester City is an overrated football club. In my eyes and I'm sure many people agree that recently they haven't done anything major compared to other clubs. If they want to stay as a top team in the EPL they need better transfers. Do you think they can because I don't.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A New Learning Goal for Term 3

Recently I have completed my old learning goal on getting promotion up to mobile learner licence so I am going to make a new goal. The new goal I have decided on is to complete every week of SDL. SDL is a weekly plan sheet that we need to complete each week to do discovery. A SDL sheet has about 10 activities that always include blogging, maths, reading writing and other things have something to do with organising the classroom like tidying green boxes and sorting out Google docs folders.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Learning goal

My learning goal for term three is to get promoted into mobile learner licence so I can work anywhere in the school with teachers permission and a time to Check back in.


This week in science our class did a fair test on what  ombination of sugar dissolves fastest. We first found out that the sugar was soluble then each group got a combination of a way to dissolve the salt to try afterwards we did a variable to the first  test e.g. a half full cup of cold water instead of hot water. The times varied at the rate the sugar dissolves so multiple groups did the same variable. That's what we did in science.

Reading, Writing and Maths


In reading this week my group finished the two week rotation on comparing two different stories.  The stories we compared were both plays called who's the best and ancient history.

We new we could complete this when we could.

Use knowledge from the texts to back up our facts.
And by comparing and contrasting the two texts.


In writing this week we were finishing off our drafts for our arguments that we will be sharing shortly my argument is about Manchester City being an overated football  club.

We new we could do this when we could.

Write an argument to persuade someone's point of view.


In maths this week we found out our new goal my goal is to Identify irrational numbers.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

My term 3 learning goal

My term three learning goal is to get promoted to mobile learner license so I can work anywhere around the school as long I ask the teacher.

Maths goals

In maths this week the class got given our results from an asttle test. My new goal is to  Identify irrational numbers. I am learning this because it was  a gap on my asttle maths test.


My new goal in reading is Analyse similarities  and/or differences of languages, written communication and dialogue because after a test we did Mr Muller and Mr Brown made some groups that covered our goals.

Writing goals

This week in writing we identified two new goals, one to do with punctuation and another goal to do with other areas in writing.  My punctuation goal is caps and fullstops because I sometimes forget capital letters on pronouns. My other goal is to keep the same tense throughout the story because it was a gap from a test I recently did.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

6 Times Tables

7 Times Tables


This week in reading we changed around some of the groups an had new goals. Because of this the reading program for our group has changed slightly because we now read two books over a two week period. This meant that we had no follow up activity but every second week we get one.


This term in writing the year 7 and 8s are creating a speech to share with the class and the top 2 from respective years levels in each class go head to head in a speech contest. This week we had to choose a topic, I chose Manchester City is overated from the line ______  is overated.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Te reo.


Have you ever pulled a muscle and wished it could heal faster? Well that’s what a Physiotherapist is for, and in 10 years time that’s what I want to be!


 Physiotherapy requires NCEA 3 to enter tertiary training. To go up in NCEA levels you need credits, credits can be obtained by completing courses. some of the helpful subjects to complete are English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


 There are two ways to qualify to become a Physiotherapist, one is to get a diploma in Physiotherapy and the other is a bachelor in Physiotherapy. A diploma in Physiotherapy can be obtained in Acupuncture, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy or Sports Physiotherapy. A bachelor of Physiotherapy can be obtained by completing a four year degree by first completing a health science course for one year then in years 2-4 are taken at the school of Physiotherapy.

 Volunteer Work

 Volunteer work is a crucial part of becoming a physio.Volunteer work is what gets you info to put on your C.V. when applying for a job. Some volunteer work opportunities are Vet, Community Service and sports team. Sports team would be the best because it will be good experience.

 Pay Rates

 New Zealand Physiotherapists don’t earn a lot of money. A New Zealand Physiotherapist in their first 6 years earn between $46,000 and $69,000 a year, but, if you have been a physio for over 6 years you can earn up to $95,000.

 Job Opportunities

 There are three types of Physiotherapists opportunities, a self-owned business, work for someone else, or work for a sports team, all three of them have their own benefits. Self-owned businesses earn more money. Working for someone else means you don’t need to worry about paying government taxes. And a sports team means you get to travel!

 Physiotherapy is a cool job because no matter where you are all bodies work the same meaning traveling does not affect your work.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Learner licenses

In room 26 we have a new system running called learner licenses. A learner licence determines where you get to work around the class or school.

The highest rank that is hard to achieve is called Mobile Learner. this means that you get to work anywhere in the school as long as you tell the teacher and you don't interrupt other classes learning.

The next rank is called independent learner license this means you get to work anywhere you want in the class. This is where I'm at in the licenses.

The next rank is called Regulated license meaning you can work where you want but the teacher can move you if needed.

The final rank is called teacher this means the teacher chooses where you work.

My next goal is to become a mobile learner license.


WALT use Pythagoras to solve the length         of the hypotenuse. 

For the past weeks in math my group has been learning how to do Pythagoras to solve the hypotenuse. The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right-angle triangle. There was a formula that we used so we could be more successful.       


WALT identify the authors purpose and question intent.

This week in reading my group read a story called Adrian Heke. First we did a prediction activity then we read the story. Afterwards we did a vocabulary sheet. Then we did a summary sheet. Then we had a group session. Afterwards we did a follow up activity. Shortly after we did the mustdos.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Te Reo


In reading this week my group has been assessed on our goal identify the authors purpose and question intent. We were given two activity  sheets to complete on our goal as well as doing our regular learning  that we do every week.


This week in writing we have been finishing off our careers work at starting to publish our copies onto Google docs. This writing has been enjoyable because we get to write about something important to us.

9 Times tables

8 times tables

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

math goals

this week in maths we did an asttle measurement test. On Tuesday we identified 5+ goals that we would be focusing on during maths time. I only had 7 goals so I decided to chose all of them. Here are my 7 goals that I chose. 1.Know about perimeter/area/volume of shapes and limits of answer. 2.Measure using a range of units and scales. 3.Calculate/measure circle/triangle/rectangle perimeter and rectangle area. 4.Find lengths in right angle triangles(scale drawing/pythagoras/trigonometry ratio) 5.Find volumes of common shapes and limits of answer. 6.Describe features of 2D and 3D objects in geometric language. 7.Find perimeters/areas of common shapes and limits of answer.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Reading term 2

              IALT identify the authors purpose and question intent.

This week  my reading group had to make a prediction on a book called watch for edge slumps then we had to complete complete a vocab sheet before completing a summary sheet of our choice afterwards we had a teacher session.As a follow up activity we had to make up a silly story about a road sign. Finally we did the must do tasks of a comprehension sheet.

Writing term 2

My goal for writing is structure and language. This week in writing we have been focusing on our career's writing. our carers writing is when we identify a career that we like and write an explanation about it.I chose physio because my dad thinks I'm good at it and I enjoy helping people feel better so for me it was an easy(ish) choice. My next step is to use a wider variety of punctuation because at the moment I tend to stick to Fullstops and Question Marks.

te reo learning

Monday, 16 March 2015

Leadership in peer mediation

On Thursday I had peer mediation. At the start o my duty my friends wanted me to keep playing, I told them they would have to wait until tomorrow when im not on duty. Dylan, Abigail and I wandered around the field. We seen A kid crying on the ground so we went and got the nearest duty teacher. Later that lunch we seen her running around playing so it felt good to sort of help in a way. The bell was about to ring when we seen a kid kick a ball over a fence accendently. We helped him out by telling him where he could find another ball. When the hell rung i waited for about 15 seconds to see if anything else needed help then I rushed back to class and put away the green vests. Overall today's lunchtime was really fun because we got to help in ways I never thought you could help in.

Writing Learning

At the moment in writing the boys class are writing to our role model. The role model i chose was Brendon McCullum because he shows  many characteristics of a good role model like empathy and resilience and many, many more. First we planned our writing using a describe map. Afterwards we wrote a paragraph on why we chose our role model and justified our reasons. Next we were given either a cyclic planner or a hamburger plan to plan our writing. It took me a while but I finally found out how to use a cyclic planner once I did I showed Mr brown and he told me to change a few things then start my draft. I am almost finished my draft and i looking forward to see if i get a reply when I finish my good copy. Role model writing has been a new experience for me in the way of writing and i hope there are many more opportunities like this one.

Reading Learning

 in reading the boys class have just finished doing comma worksheets from a google docs sheet that Mr Muller and Mr Brown created. Our first task was to complete a task called 8 comma rules. There were 8 comma rules and a series of questions we had to complete under each rule. The easiest part was working out where the commas went the hardest part was getting it all down on paper. My favourite rule was to separate complete and incomplete thoughts. My least favourite would be the rule of separating day, date of the month and year.Overall it was a challenging but simple task and i really enjoyed it.

Mathematics learning

For maths in room 26 Jack,Tim,Jonathan and I were set a task to create any graph about any topic that could be made inside school. First off we decided we would all do a double bar graph of the favourite pets of boys and girls in year 5/6. We made five categories Cat, Dog, Fishes, Rodent/hamster like animals and Other. We went to the classes and collected up the data that we needed to make the graph. At the moment we are all drafting our double bar graph. It was very interesting that none of the girls voted for fishes and 30 boys voted for dogs. So far it has been very fun working with these boys on the set task. We should have it done by the end of the week to present to the class.

Integrated learning

At the moment Oaklands school is doing a keeping ourselves safe program where we learn about how to handle certain situations that will give us the least amount of  emotional and physical loss. Today constable Ross came in to our class room and showing us a video. Then we paired up and discussed what happened in the movie it was wierd because all of the children were split on what decision they would make in that situation and we struggled to come to a fair agreement. Afterward constable Ross gave us a card to share Between two people. He laid some cards on the table and our goal was to find out what type of abuse the situation on our card was. At the end we talked about the reasons and why we chose that type of abuse. Just before he left we had a Q 'n' A about any questions of how we can keep ourselves safe. Overall i found it really exciting getting to have a police officer come and help us on outlr keeping ourselves  safe program.