Monday, 16 March 2015

Leadership in peer mediation

On Thursday I had peer mediation. At the start o my duty my friends wanted me to keep playing, I told them they would have to wait until tomorrow when im not on duty. Dylan, Abigail and I wandered around the field. We seen A kid crying on the ground so we went and got the nearest duty teacher. Later that lunch we seen her running around playing so it felt good to sort of help in a way. The bell was about to ring when we seen a kid kick a ball over a fence accendently. We helped him out by telling him where he could find another ball. When the hell rung i waited for about 15 seconds to see if anything else needed help then I rushed back to class and put away the green vests. Overall today's lunchtime was really fun because we got to help in ways I never thought you could help in.

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