Friday, 7 November 2014

50th Jubilee Writing

In 2014 Oaklands School had its 50th year jubilee. Now I will tell you about the Uniforms over the years.

When the school first started  in 1964 the girls wore green gym frocks, a white t-shirt and sometimes a red tie.The boys wore green pants, a white t-shirt and a red tie.

In 1974 Oaklands School stopped wearing uniform and started to wear mufti to school. This was good because in summer the children could wear t-shirts and in winter they could wear thermals ect.

In 1983 they decided to change it back to gym frocks with a white t-shirt for girls. For boys it was a white t-shirt, green pants and a red tie.

In 1996 they changed the uniform. The uniform had a range of outfits. Green,red,grey tops and jerseys and green,red shorts and pants. There was so many combinations to choose from it would have been quite hard to pick.

IN 2014 we have red t-shirts, green jerseys and sweatshirts, green pants, shorts and culottes for year 0-6. For the year 7-8 students they have a special green and red t-shirt with a jacket.

Overall Oaklands School has had some interesting uniforms. Oaklands school has grown quite a lot in 50 years.

Manu Taratahi

On Thursday 6th November the Tawa reading group made some kites. Here is the step by step diagram guide to show you how to make one.

our WALT was to follow an example of procedural writing.

This is the equipment you need to make a kite.

The first step was to cut out paper to make an 11 inch by 8.5 inch piece of paper
(some examples of the steps to make the 11 inch by 8.5 inch piece of paper)
In this step you folded the paper in half vertically.
(the finished fold)
In these next steps you mark 1 inch from the top left corner and the bottom right corner and fold one half across.

(folding one half across)

In this step you fold the other half over so it looks like this
now you have the base of the plane on top,
and on the bottom.
In this step you tape the folds on top together.
(the finished version.)
now punch a hole at the bottom a third of the way down the paper on the shorter side.
the hole to put the string into.
feed the string through the hole and tie it up tight so it looks like this.

A video of the backflipping kite.(The real name is uncle jonathan but it backflips)