Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Learner licenses

In room 26 we have a new system running called learner licenses. A learner licence determines where you get to work around the class or school.

The highest rank that is hard to achieve is called Mobile Learner. this means that you get to work anywhere in the school as long as you tell the teacher and you don't interrupt other classes learning.

The next rank is called independent learner license this means you get to work anywhere you want in the class. This is where I'm at in the licenses.

The next rank is called Regulated license meaning you can work where you want but the teacher can move you if needed.

The final rank is called teacher this means the teacher chooses where you work.

My next goal is to become a mobile learner license.


WALT use Pythagoras to solve the length         of the hypotenuse. 

For the past weeks in math my group has been learning how to do Pythagoras to solve the hypotenuse. The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right-angle triangle. There was a formula that we used so we could be more successful.       


WALT identify the authors purpose and question intent.

This week in reading my group read a story called Adrian Heke. First we did a prediction activity then we read the story. Afterwards we did a vocabulary sheet. Then we did a summary sheet. Then we had a group session. Afterwards we did a follow up activity. Shortly after we did the mustdos.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Te Reo


In reading this week my group has been assessed on our goal identify the authors purpose and question intent. We were given two activity  sheets to complete on our goal as well as doing our regular learning  that we do every week.


This week in writing we have been finishing off our careers work at starting to publish our copies onto Google docs. This writing has been enjoyable because we get to write about something important to us.

9 Times tables

8 times tables

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

math goals

this week in maths we did an asttle measurement test. On Tuesday we identified 5+ goals that we would be focusing on during maths time. I only had 7 goals so I decided to chose all of them. Here are my 7 goals that I chose. 1.Know about perimeter/area/volume of shapes and limits of answer. 2.Measure using a range of units and scales. 3.Calculate/measure circle/triangle/rectangle perimeter and rectangle area. 4.Find lengths in right angle triangles(scale drawing/pythagoras/trigonometry ratio) 5.Find volumes of common shapes and limits of answer. 6.Describe features of 2D and 3D objects in geometric language. 7.Find perimeters/areas of common shapes and limits of answer.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Reading term 2

              IALT identify the authors purpose and question intent.

This week  my reading group had to make a prediction on a book called watch for edge slumps then we had to complete complete a vocab sheet before completing a summary sheet of our choice afterwards we had a teacher session.As a follow up activity we had to make up a silly story about a road sign. Finally we did the must do tasks of a comprehension sheet.

Writing term 2

My goal for writing is structure and language. This week in writing we have been focusing on our career's writing. our carers writing is when we identify a career that we like and write an explanation about it.I chose physio because my dad thinks I'm good at it and I enjoy helping people feel better so for me it was an easy(ish) choice. My next step is to use a wider variety of punctuation because at the moment I tend to stick to Fullstops and Question Marks.

te reo learning