Thursday, 30 July 2015

My term 3 learning goal

My term three learning goal is to get promoted to mobile learner license so I can work anywhere around the school as long I ask the teacher.

Maths goals

In maths this week the class got given our results from an asttle test. My new goal is to  Identify irrational numbers. I am learning this because it was  a gap on my asttle maths test.


My new goal in reading is Analyse similarities  and/or differences of languages, written communication and dialogue because after a test we did Mr Muller and Mr Brown made some groups that covered our goals.

Writing goals

This week in writing we identified two new goals, one to do with punctuation and another goal to do with other areas in writing.  My punctuation goal is caps and fullstops because I sometimes forget capital letters on pronouns. My other goal is to keep the same tense throughout the story because it was a gap from a test I recently did.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

6 Times Tables

7 Times Tables


This week in reading we changed around some of the groups an had new goals. Because of this the reading program for our group has changed slightly because we now read two books over a two week period. This meant that we had no follow up activity but every second week we get one.


This term in writing the year 7 and 8s are creating a speech to share with the class and the top 2 from respective years levels in each class go head to head in a speech contest. This week we had to choose a topic, I chose Manchester City is overated from the line ______  is overated.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Te reo.


Have you ever pulled a muscle and wished it could heal faster? Well that’s what a Physiotherapist is for, and in 10 years time that’s what I want to be!


 Physiotherapy requires NCEA 3 to enter tertiary training. To go up in NCEA levels you need credits, credits can be obtained by completing courses. some of the helpful subjects to complete are English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


 There are two ways to qualify to become a Physiotherapist, one is to get a diploma in Physiotherapy and the other is a bachelor in Physiotherapy. A diploma in Physiotherapy can be obtained in Acupuncture, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy or Sports Physiotherapy. A bachelor of Physiotherapy can be obtained by completing a four year degree by first completing a health science course for one year then in years 2-4 are taken at the school of Physiotherapy.

 Volunteer Work

 Volunteer work is a crucial part of becoming a physio.Volunteer work is what gets you info to put on your C.V. when applying for a job. Some volunteer work opportunities are Vet, Community Service and sports team. Sports team would be the best because it will be good experience.

 Pay Rates

 New Zealand Physiotherapists don’t earn a lot of money. A New Zealand Physiotherapist in their first 6 years earn between $46,000 and $69,000 a year, but, if you have been a physio for over 6 years you can earn up to $95,000.

 Job Opportunities

 There are three types of Physiotherapists opportunities, a self-owned business, work for someone else, or work for a sports team, all three of them have their own benefits. Self-owned businesses earn more money. Working for someone else means you don’t need to worry about paying government taxes. And a sports team means you get to travel!

 Physiotherapy is a cool job because no matter where you are all bodies work the same meaning traveling does not affect your work.