Monday, 16 March 2015

Leadership in peer mediation

On Thursday I had peer mediation. At the start o my duty my friends wanted me to keep playing, I told them they would have to wait until tomorrow when im not on duty. Dylan, Abigail and I wandered around the field. We seen A kid crying on the ground so we went and got the nearest duty teacher. Later that lunch we seen her running around playing so it felt good to sort of help in a way. The bell was about to ring when we seen a kid kick a ball over a fence accendently. We helped him out by telling him where he could find another ball. When the hell rung i waited for about 15 seconds to see if anything else needed help then I rushed back to class and put away the green vests. Overall today's lunchtime was really fun because we got to help in ways I never thought you could help in.

Writing Learning

At the moment in writing the boys class are writing to our role model. The role model i chose was Brendon McCullum because he shows  many characteristics of a good role model like empathy and resilience and many, many more. First we planned our writing using a describe map. Afterwards we wrote a paragraph on why we chose our role model and justified our reasons. Next we were given either a cyclic planner or a hamburger plan to plan our writing. It took me a while but I finally found out how to use a cyclic planner once I did I showed Mr brown and he told me to change a few things then start my draft. I am almost finished my draft and i looking forward to see if i get a reply when I finish my good copy. Role model writing has been a new experience for me in the way of writing and i hope there are many more opportunities like this one.

Reading Learning

 in reading the boys class have just finished doing comma worksheets from a google docs sheet that Mr Muller and Mr Brown created. Our first task was to complete a task called 8 comma rules. There were 8 comma rules and a series of questions we had to complete under each rule. The easiest part was working out where the commas went the hardest part was getting it all down on paper. My favourite rule was to separate complete and incomplete thoughts. My least favourite would be the rule of separating day, date of the month and year.Overall it was a challenging but simple task and i really enjoyed it.

Mathematics learning

For maths in room 26 Jack,Tim,Jonathan and I were set a task to create any graph about any topic that could be made inside school. First off we decided we would all do a double bar graph of the favourite pets of boys and girls in year 5/6. We made five categories Cat, Dog, Fishes, Rodent/hamster like animals and Other. We went to the classes and collected up the data that we needed to make the graph. At the moment we are all drafting our double bar graph. It was very interesting that none of the girls voted for fishes and 30 boys voted for dogs. So far it has been very fun working with these boys on the set task. We should have it done by the end of the week to present to the class.

Integrated learning

At the moment Oaklands school is doing a keeping ourselves safe program where we learn about how to handle certain situations that will give us the least amount of  emotional and physical loss. Today constable Ross came in to our class room and showing us a video. Then we paired up and discussed what happened in the movie it was wierd because all of the children were split on what decision they would make in that situation and we struggled to come to a fair agreement. Afterward constable Ross gave us a card to share Between two people. He laid some cards on the table and our goal was to find out what type of abuse the situation on our card was. At the end we talked about the reasons and why we chose that type of abuse. Just before he left we had a Q 'n' A about any questions of how we can keep ourselves safe. Overall i found it really exciting getting to have a police officer come and help us on outlr keeping ourselves  safe program.