Monday, 16 March 2015

Integrated learning

At the moment Oaklands school is doing a keeping ourselves safe program where we learn about how to handle certain situations that will give us the least amount of  emotional and physical loss. Today constable Ross came in to our class room and showing us a video. Then we paired up and discussed what happened in the movie it was wierd because all of the children were split on what decision they would make in that situation and we struggled to come to a fair agreement. Afterward constable Ross gave us a card to share Between two people. He laid some cards on the table and our goal was to find out what type of abuse the situation on our card was. At the end we talked about the reasons and why we chose that type of abuse. Just before he left we had a Q 'n' A about any questions of how we can keep ourselves safe. Overall i found it really exciting getting to have a police officer come and help us on outlr keeping ourselves  safe program.

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