Thursday, 26 September 2013

Breaking my toe

This week we were learning how to hook the reader in, this is my recount about breaking my toe.

                     Breaking my toe

Swoosh! Went the covers as I awoke from my slumber."I'm ready for my first day of school!" I yelled enthusiastically. I woke up at around 7:00 am.Then I got into my school uniform and went into the lounge.

Clash,bang!Went the pots and pans.It sounded like a nuclear bomb had just sister had just woken up and we were banging pots and pans like there was no tomorrow.Crack!It just had to be the heaviest pot in the kitchen that I dropped on my toe.''Waaaaaa.''I screamed.I still went to school but a week later i went to hospital.

When I went to hospital my toe was black and swollen. It felt like I was waiting forever.When they finally called me i had to go to another waiting room.A hour later I got to get my x-ray.When i got out they told me my toe was broken.Then I had to go home.

About two days after I returned home I tripped and lost my nail.I tried to get my mums attention because I was bleeding really bad.She said I had to wait for my nail to grow back. For about an hour after that anywhere I went I left a trail a blood.

That is my recount hope you enjoyed :)


  1. It was a recount not a poem I actually did break my toe on the first day of school.