Thursday, 22 May 2014

Halswell Quarry

The Halswell Quarry was created 6 million years ago when Lyttleton volcano erupted and opened for public use in 1856.


In 1863 a tramway was built to carry the stone to town and deliver timber to the quarry.When the tramway closed down stone transport went to horse and dray for a few years.


If you wanted a cubic metre of stone you would have to pay 26 shillings. After a while the cost was lowered to 16 shillings        per cubic metre.When truck started to be used the transport was more efficient  but the price skyrocketed .

Worker Tools

For every 29 people operating at a time they all used different tools. Some people would twist a drill in the roc to find good stone. Another person would use a 10 pound sledgehammer. But they all had one goal ......finding stone.

Halswell Quarry Today

Halswell Quarry today has statues of important people. It also has become a dog park and recreational area, and has a fascinating walkway. 

The Halswell Quarry closed in 1990. A great life span of 134 years for the Halswell Quarry from when it opened in 1856 to when it closed in 1990.
I think the Halswell  Quarry  is a very interesting part of Canterbury's history.

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