Friday, 9 May 2014

Reading Goals

What:to make a conclusion or assumption.

So what:I had to use a library book or chicken to show evidence that I can do my goal.

I had to write from the chicken  book what Allison and Mike are like as people and what the main idea of the story is.

1.I think Allison is brave because she went into a dark passage in a gunhouse  from the war. I also think she gets scared easily because she got scared of paint on the wall.

2.I think Mike is mischievous because he tricked Allison into going into the gunhouse .I also think he was the one that bolted the door so Allison couldn't get out.

3. The main idea of the story is that Mike and Luke take Allison to a gunhouse from the war.Then Allison gets lost  so she enters the gunhouse to try to find them.Allison goes deep into the gunhouse , gets scared then decides to head back to  the exit.The exit was bolted shut so she called for help. Eventually Mike and Luke went to help.

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