Friday, 17 October 2014

100 Word Challenge

...I Could Not Believe The Smell...

My lungs are smouldering, my nose is swelling up,it's impossible to breathe. The horrendous stench is melting my insides. I could not believe the smell. It smells like a thousand ogres that haven't bathed in 999,999,999 years. I'm watching everybody around me slowly faint. The grass is turning brown faster than the speed of light. Leaves are plummeting off the trees,straight to the ground instead of drifting. I ventured closer to the stench. The stench became even more repulsive. It appeared to be coming from the public toilets, so that's where I headed. I carefully unlocked the door. Only to find the culprit was........


  1. Mrs Skinner (team 100)18 October 2014 at 08:46

    Please make sure you link the post not your blog

  2. Awesome writing Ryan. Really enjoyed the descriptive words and suspense you created as you approached the smell. The visual of leaves plummeting and grass dying was also very strong. Just watch your tense. It started in present tense and changed halfway through to past tense. Thanks for the great read. Mrs Miller Team 100WC Australia