Saturday, 5 March 2016

Leadership Gardening club merit can do: Garden Club #1

On Friday morning Victor, Madyx and I built some sign posts for the garden show next week by using two pieces of wood and a drill with some screws. Afterwards we Watered the black boxes and pulled some rotten leaves out. In the middle of this We were asked to help move some tables so we got Victor to go make sure it was okay as Madyx and I took the tables in and out of the staff room with help from Victor towards the end. After Morning Tea we joined Alex and Ye-joon. First Ye-joon and I filled the bucket by the compost bins with bark. Then all of us helped to prepare the beetroot for next week so it is ready to cook at the show. After we finished Victor and I threw the scraps into the chickens.  The leadership I showed was getting involved and helping others because I was helping complete jobs for next week and I was getting stuck in and doing them.

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