Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Keeping or Changing The Flag


WALT I can locate, evaluate, analyse and summarise information and ideas within texts and across a range of texts.

The solo level achieved was extended abstract because we completed the task with good reasons and arranged them into groups successfully.

Evidence on changing/keeping the flag

Today Savannah and I researched on the flag change and created a document with reasons why the flag should change and why it shouldn't change. First we read three opinions on whether the flag should change or not. Then we wrote down five reasons to why the flag should change or not. Then we had to highlight the category that they went in the choices were Expert opinion, Personal opinion, Statistics or common knowledge. Finally we did an overall statement at the bottom about whether it was strong, weak or uncertain reasoning.

My next reading goal is to understand the authors purpose and be able to give evidence on the structure and language used.

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